We are looking for stalls, sideshows and activities.

Debs Peters would be delighted to hear from you:




For those kindly running a Stall or Sideshow

Thank you for your wonderful help – it is very greatly appreciated.


These notes are to help you prepare for the fête and to get you

to your ‘pitch’ on Saturday 15th June. Let us hope for good weather!


Debs Peters, as above, is your point of contact:

If she’s unobtainable, please contact:



The main layout of the Fête will have been set up by Friday 14th June. Please arrive on Saturday 15th from 10.00 am and be finished by 1.00 pm with your vehicles parked. Visitors are expected to start arriving from 1.00 pm; we ask you please not to open your stall or sideshow for business until 1.45 pm.



Please turn off the A30 at the Junction with Green Drove see here and follow the one-way system to the entrance by the Cricket Pavilion. A ‘Fête Maker’ will have your name listed and you will be directed you to your pitch or to another ‘Fête Maker’ to help you on your way. There will be many vehicles and people (children too) moving about during the morning; we ask you please to take extreme care when driving on the cricket ground and at no more than snails’ pace. You’ll find it best to park your vehicle as soon as you have off-loaded it as the car park will soon fill up.



You will be allocated a pitch of the size for which you have asked; there will be nothing else provided so please come self-sufficient for shelter, tables and chairs. St John’s Ambulance will be present to provide medical cover and mobile loos, rubbish bins and water points for dogs will be available.

Should you have any questions on arrival or later, please ask a ‘ Fête Maker’ or William Holmes who will be managing the Fête’s layout. If necessary you’ll find him or a helper at the Organisers’ Tent at the edge of the main arena.



We hope that the Fête will be quite full by the time the arena programme starts at 2.00pm and that more people will arrive as time passes. The Fête will be closed at 5.00 pm and we ask please to leave your stall or sideshow up until then except of course in the event of an emergency.



We expect many people and vehicles will wish to leave at 5.00 pm or soon after.
Please take extra care when dismantling your pitch, bringing your vehicle to it and loading. We would prefer you to delay your departure until 5.30 pm. Please travel at an even slower snails’ pace on leaving as there will be many pedestrians making their way home.

At the exit of the cricket ground please turn in whichever direction the Fête Maker directs you; this may have been switched from the morning’s direction of travel. If turning right please take care as the lane is narrow.



Please bring enough low value cash (lots of it) to be self-sufficient for giving change.
At about 5.00pm Paul Rae, our Treasurer, or his helper will visit you to collect any outstanding agreed cash contribution to the Fête. If he misses you please take the cash to him or his helper in the Organisers’ Tent at the edge of the main arena. Thank you.



With you being in one place and static, you will notice everything going on around you. We ask you please to play an important part in keeping everyone safe;

Keep a look out for:

  • unaccompanied and possibly upset children
  • anyone in distress, particularly if the day is hot
  • unruly or unnecessarily boisterous behaviour
  • unaccompanied dogs
  • broken glass or any other hazard

Please report what you see at once to a Fête Maker, a few will be walking around during the afternoon; he/she will call the Organisers’ Tent by radio or mobile. An announcement will be made over the Public Address system in an emergency.

Thank you for helping in this way.