‘Ready, Steady, Create’!


No matter how old or young you are – there’s a competition here for you!

All Classes are open to everyone (children too) except those shown

in Class D which are for children and young people only.


Class A



Class B

Garden Produce

Vegetables, Flowers & Potted Plants


Class C

Art, Crafts and other Creative challenges


Class D

Crafts & Garden Themes

Children & Young People only


For details of all classes - see below



  • Judging will take place from 10.00 am to 12.30 am.
  • No one, other than judges, will be allowed in the marquee during judging.
  • The judges, from all our communities, will not know exhibitors’
    names which will be hidden and only revealed after judging has been finished.
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd places will be awarded and ‘Highly Commended’ given for other exhibits of special merit and effort.


Help us please

This is our first fête so we don’t know how many exhibits to expect. Once you’ve decided to take part please e-mail the organisers (even weeks ahead) and let them know your name and which classesyou are entering (for example: Betty Marshall – A.3 & C.1).

Feel free to do this right up to the evening of Friday 14th June.

E-mail: competitions@threetowersFê

Even at the last minute you can join in –

just make sure you get your exhibits to the Exhibition Marquee between 8.30am and 9.30am latest on Saturday 15th June. No exhibits will be accepted for judging after 9.30am. Exhibits are to be left in the Exhibition Marquee until 4.00pm so they can be enjoyed by everyone.



And don’t worry if you forget or see this late on Friday night

– just come along with your exhibit by 9.30am latest. More the merrier!


So get imaginative! Have a go and join in!

Show Classes


Class A: Cookery (open to all ages)

  1. A plate of shortbread
  2. 6 rolls of one bread type
  3. 4 chocolate brownies (any recipe)
  4. 1 x sponge cake – maximum 20cm/8 inch


Class B: Please note that only home-grown produce and flowers are accepted in this Class.

See the slight relaxation of this rule in C.6 below to encourage more people to enter.

Class B: Garden Produce (open to all ages)

  1. 6 radishes (bunched)
  2. 1 bunch of fresh herbs (tied) – mixed or of one type.
  3. Tray, basket or trug of 4 types of different produce (fruit or veg) titled
    ‘The Good Life’ – allows for flexible availability in June.

Class B: Flowers (open to all ages)

4. One vase cut flowers

5. One vase with 3 stems of one species of flowering shrub

6. ‘One Summer’ flower arrangement, max 50 cm high for a coffee

 table to consist of – garden flowers plus max spend of £10 if you

 wish to purchase flowers.

7. A jam jar of hedgerow flowers

Class B: Pot Plants (open to all ages)

Pot plants must have been owned by the exhibitor for at least 3 months before

the Fête show

8. 1 Geranium or Pelargonium

9. 1 Cactus

10.1 pot plant of your choice (not of the above)– foliage only

11. 1 pot plant of your choice (not of the above) - in flower

Class C: Art, Crafts and other Creative challenges

(open to all ages)

  1. A picture typifying life in the country – any medium including photography (mounted on plain card)
  2. A photograph of a pet animal that lives within the area (mounted on plain card)
  3. A knitted or crocheted item – anything be imaginative!
  4. A cushion – any decorative form but must have been home made within the past year
  5. An up-cycled sculpture (made from any item that has been used before).
    Any height but base to be max. 50cm square.
  6. A creative writing idea – ‘Wiltshire in the year 2050’ – let your imagination run amok! 500 words maximum in story, poem or whatever works for you. All entries welcome and must be received by 6pm on June 12th to allow for judging in advance of the fête.
    Please let us know if you are entering a piece and we shall let you know where it is to be sent or delivered.

Class D: Children and Young People only

Entries for each Class may be made from three age groups:

  • Age Group 1: pre-school
  • Age Group 2: up to 10
  • Age Group 3: up to 16



  1. A coloured piece of art depicting an endangered species
    – eg painting, drawing
  2. A model made from items that could be found in the recycling bin
  3. 4 decorated biscuits
  4. 4 decorated cup cakes
  5. ‘Summer’ on a paper plate – any medium and can be 3D
  6. A creative writing idea‘Wiltshire in the year 2050’ – be as imaginative as you can! 500 words maximum and no minimum count – even little ones may just do a few lines as a story, poem or whatever they like. All entries welcome and must be received by 6pm on June 12th to allow for judging in advance of the fête.
    Please let us know if you are entering a piece and we shall let you know where it is to be sent or delivered.


Garden theme

7. Mini garden in a seed tray

8. Posy (tied) of garden flowers in a jam jar or container

9. 1 plant in a pot grown and tended by you from a seed or cutting


Enjoy making your exhibits and good luck!


If you can please let us know by e-mail – your Name and the Class(es) you are entering - as early as you can - even up to the night before the Fête – so we can put display space aside for your entries.